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I Don't Wanna Be Me (2017)

SINGLE [RA Records]

Re-recorded version of cover released on "Perseverance" EP.
Produced by Santo Clemenzi and Raffaele "Raffo" Albanese.
Mixed and mastered by Santo Clemenzi.

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Perseverance (2014)

EP [RA Records]

  1. I don' t wanna be me (Type O Negative cover)
  2. Nothing to you (acoustic version featuring Apollo Papathanasio, ex Firewind)
  3. The Will To Be The Flame (Live in Rome 2013)
  4. Metal Gods (Judas Priest cover, live in Rome 2013)
  5. You Just Have To Fly (Live at From the Depth' s secret party 2014)
  6. Don 't Forget Who You Are (Live at From the Depth' s secret party 2014)
  7. Distant Skies (Stratovarius cover, Live in Milan 2011)

Back To Life (2011)

[Rising Records]

  1. Back to life (instr.)
  2. Live for today
  3. Our music our souls
  4. Don't forget who you are
  5. Lack of emotion (instr.)
  6. The will to be the flame
  7. The cruel kindness
  8. You just have to fly
  9. Straight to the source
  10. Nenia
  11. Nothing to you
  12. Leading my essence above all (instr.)

The Will To Be The Flame (2010)


  1. Our Music, our Souls
  2. Straight to the Source
  3. Missed
  4. Ascension