Evo for Denis 2017 and new line-up

12 Jun 2017 - News, Live

Evo for Denis 2017 and new line-up

Some shots from Evo For Denis 2017! This show has been very important to us, being the last with Emiliano Paola on drums and the first with Gianpiero Milione on guitar along with Alessandro Cattani.

We will always be grateful to Emiliano; thanks to him we have been able to survive after the departure of our former drummer.
We have spent wonderful moments together, unforgettable.

Now it is time to move on, Gianpiero Milione has brought new energy to the band and we are ready to get back on stage stronger than ever.
We invite you to our next event, 25 June in Parma, with Sabotage and other great bands.

We will present our new drummer with whom we will start again playing around Italy, and not just Italy, like it’s always been.

Raffaele “Raffo” Albanese
Santo Clemenzi
Alessandro Cattani
Gianpiero Milione
Oreste Giacomini

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