“I Don’t Wanna Be Me” (Type O Negative) cover

4 Jul 2017 - News, Release

“I Don’t Wanna Be Me” (Type O Negative) cover

Here we are with our re-recorded version of “I Don’t Wanna Be Me” by Type O Negative. This has been last song recorded with our previous line-up, it’s been produced by Santo Clemenzi and Raffaele “Raffo” Albanese, mixed and mastered by Santo Clemenzi. The video features various footages from our latest two shows: the first one has been both first gig for new guitarist Gianpiero Milione and last one for drummer Emiliano Paola. The second show has lined up with the official return of Cristiano Battini on drums.

This is the brand new 6 piece From The Depth line up:
Raffaele Albanese: Vocals
Santo Clemenzi: Bass
Alessandro Cattani: Guitars
Gianpiero Milione: Guitars
Oreste Giacomini: Keyboards
Cristiano Battini: Drums

We’d like to thank Emiliano Paola and wish him all the best for his future projects.

Enjoy this brand new cover!

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