“Immortal”: 2nd new single is out!

29 Jul 2020 - News

“Immortal”: 2nd new single is out!

While we’re still astonished and overwhelmed by all positive reactions about “Spread Your Fire”, we’re proud to announce that our second single “Immortal” is finally out! Some of you may have already listened to the song in its “raw” version during our latest shows, we’re excited to give you the final version which features a lot of new elements that we’re sure you’ll love!

This song has heavy riffing, dramatic arrangements, epic choirs and we couldn’t be more excited about it, we can’t wait to be back on stage to play it for you! The song features also Giacomo Voli of Rhapsody of Fire on choirs and beside him it also features Ros Crash, Angelo Guidetti, Marco Spitale, Stefano Nüsperli and Marco Olmedi. These guys really provided some amazing vocal performance on choirs!

As you can tell, the song has some huge keyboards arrangements which features our friends Oreste Giacomini and Davide Castro, they really know how to make a song sound even more epic!

You can listen and save “Immortal” on your favorite playlists on all major online streaming services, here you are some links just to name a few:

You can also enjoy it with this visualizer by our label Rockshot Records:

Cover artwork for “Immortal” has been realized by amazing artist Jen Scarlet, what a real piece of art!

Immortal artwork
“Immortal” cover artwork by Jen Scarlet

Remember you can pre-order our new album “Moments” here. Out on August 28th!

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