Our 2nd full length album “Moments” is out!

28 Aug 2020 - News

Our 2nd full length album “Moments” is out!

Finally, the wait is over! Moments is out now on all major digital distribution outlets and also available on CD!

After years of hard times and with a huge amount of effort we’re proud and very happy to be back and fully “operational” with a killer stable line-up (we couldn’t be happier with all band members right now, it’s a crazy family!). We got the chance to finally release this album and we took it on the fly. We worked really hard on all the songs putting all our efforts during the production and we hope everybody will appreciate the album exactly as we liked to work on it. It’s no joke: we took care of all album details from songwriting up to production and album graphics, it’s been a maniacal process, we don’t want to let anybody down.

We’re excited for this release and can’t wait to hit the stage again for the promotional tour and meet again our old and new fans. We’d like to thank everybody who helped us to make this album a real thing: our friends Roberto Tiranti, Giacomo Voli, Ros Crash, Angelo Guidetti, Marco Spitale, Stefano Nüsperli, Jennifer Ferretti, Marco Olmedi which poured pure gold on choirs with their voices. Simone Mularoni which did an astonishing job mixing and mastering all songs. Peter Sallai and Jen Scarlet that perfectly shaped our music in graphics respectively with the amazing artwork for the cd booklet and the new flame logo and all singles cover artworks. We don’t want to miss anybody here, forgive us if we did but be assured that we really appreciate all your help, this album coulnd’t be real without you.

Some of the link to listen and buy the album:

You can find further details and all credits on the album page.

It’s been a while since our latest official release and honestly we couldn’t be more excited about this album.

We can’t wait to hit the stage and play our new songs for you!

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