Record deal with Rockshots Records and new album release

17 Jun 2020 - News

Record deal with Rockshots Records and new album release

We’re proud to announce that we signed a record deal with Rockshots Records for the release of our second full-length album “Moments” hitting sales platforms around the world on August 28th, 2020: save the date!

Punchy and aggressive, fans who have been waiting since 2014’s EP “Perseverance”, are now rewarded with this 10 track album. “Moments” is a series of personal occasions in the band member’s lives that they are reliving through their music, from hard times to the anniversary of the band forming.

“Moments” is a way to celebrate relevant memories and episodes of everyday life while time passes by. Each aspect of the production has been taken care of with extreme attention to detail from song structure to the final master; nothing has been left to chance and we did our best to get out the most from each session during songwriting.

Moments artwork
Album Cover artwork by Peter Sallai

Here’s the album tracklist:

  1. Immortal (4:55)
  2. Spread your Fire (4:55)
  3. Ten Years (5:09)
  4. Streets of Memory (4:20)
  5. Hypnos (1:51)
  6. Forget and Survive (4:48)
  7. Just Ice (7:46)
  8. Missed (4:51)
  9. A Matter of Time (5:47)
  10. Somewhere (4:22)

We couldn’t be more excited about this release, we worked really hard to bring you these songs and can’t wait to let you listen to them!

For further details about the release please visit the dedicated page on our website.

record deal with Rockshots Records and From The Depth
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