Band : From The Depth
Title : Perseverance
Release Date : June 12, 2014
Label :
Format : CD


  1. I don' t wanna be me (Type O Negative cover)
  2. Nothing to you (acoustic version featuring Apollo Papathanasio, ex Firewind)
  3. The Will To Be The Flame (Live in Rome 2013)
  4. Metal Gods (Judas Priest cover, live in Rome 2013)
  5. You Just Have To Fly (Live at From the Depth' s secret party 2014)
  6. Don 't Forget Who You Are (Live at From the Depth' s secret party 2014)
  7. Distant Skies (Stratovarius cover, Live in Milan 2011)


Raffaele Albanese – Vocals / Backing vocals
Alessandro Cattani – Guitars
Alessandro Karabelas – Bass
Davide Castro – Keyboards
Cristiano Battini – Drums


Apollo Papathanasio – Vocals


All Music and Arrangements by From The Depth

All Lyric by A. Karabelas except “Live for Today” by R. Albanese and “You Just Have To Fly” by C. Battini

Except “I Don’t Wanna Be Me” by Type O Negative, Metal Gods by Judas Priest and Distant Skies by Stratovarius

Produced by From The Depth and RA Records

“I don’ t wanna be me (Type O Negative cover)” mixed and mastered by Andrea De Paolo at Multimedia Sound Studio
“Nothing to you (acoustic version)” mixed and mastered by Francesco Rabaglia at Big Pine Creek Recording Studio

Photo by Antonio Pupa

Artwork by Simona “Hysteria” Valente